March 7, 2013

I made a few sets of note cards today. Four to a set; used a heavy card stock on the inside. and on the inside, I put a matching piece of paper on one side and left it blank on the other for writing a message. Our church has a Ladies Crafts group & they have two craft bazaars a year. They put that money towards a children's building fund that we built. I decided to make note cards for them to sell this year. I did a variety today to take to them and see if they like the idea. Im going to do a few embellished bday, get well, and thank you cards. These I made to fit into any average size envelope. I will do the embellished cards larger and use the envelope punch board to make larger matching colored envelopes for those. I should get my pre ordered punch some time this month.

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Christy said...

I was all prepared to say that yellow/black set was my fav (obviously!) but that damask one just is too awesome! They are all great. :)