February 3, 2011

We got a little mini donkey as a pasture mate for my horse Thunder.
This was their first time together out in the pasture.

Isnt he just too cute! We do not have a name for this little guy yet.

I was relieved to see the donkey following Thunder & NOT the other way around.

Every time the donkey puts his nose to Thunder's, Thunder shakes his head and moves away.

The cows come to the fence to see what this new "thing" is in the pasture.

The donkey started to run & bray and so Thunder decided he needed to run too!
It was so funny!!


Jack said...

Nice Ass! Sorry, I just had to say that!

Dawn said...

Hahhahhhaaa...So CUTE! And I had to laugh at the above comment:)))

Jack said...

lol I have always been an Ass Man! And Christina, your Donkey is cute too!

wayne15575 said...

Now we can say you have a cute ass and get away with it...Hahaha. Nice series and a fun story.

Kim said...

very cute how about the name Banjo .. for the little guy..