October 20, 2010

SO excited to get up and see the fog this morning!!
I have several "as shot" and then manipulated examples on my Facebook if you want to have a look there. Too many photos for the blog I think. ;)

I just really liked how this fence looked with that tree in the background that is several hundred feet away.

There was spider web on everything this morning!! Or I guess I could just see it thanks to all of the dew drops. Windchime that hangs on my barn.

I just love how Thunder is waiting for me every morning...even if it is to be let out of the paddock and not really to see me. ;)


Jack said...

Awesome Fog Shots! I don't think we have had any fog this month. Unless some rolls in soon, I might have to dig into my archives for this months foggy photo contest!

wayne15575 said...

Love the fog shots, especially the one with Thunder.