June 2, 2010

I took my little friend with me as I was scouting out new locations for shoots.
I had her pose - these were not planned shots though so the clothing is not for the occasion. ;)


wayne15575 said...

Nice work on all of these Christina... she is such a little cutie pie. you're lucky to have her to experiment with.
Nice job of framing too.
The one of her and the lightened eyes is cool. you may want to include the whole eye rather then just the pupil. Just my thought. Nothing wrong with it the way it is. Keep'em coming.

Kathy said...

I like the second and third picture of her best. The second one because the look is so unexpected for a portrait type photo. I like that. The third one because of the awesome blue background.

Anonymous said...

photo 4 - a little "Twilight" action, I think:-)