May 5, 2010

A friend and I decided to go try out the camera remote and tripod. Not the best time of day for photos but we had fun in this meadow that is just down the road from my house.

My friend said she was not "feeling" my big window frame but I had fun with it!

I had some fun with the editing too! ;)

The best shot of me here...!!

People are always amazed at just how much I can fit into my little turtle. :D


Jack said...

I love the way you bring along props! The "bottom" one is my favorote! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Christina

I think you did a fabulous job!! They are wonderful I like them all:o))

scw1217 said...

Beautiful field of flowers. I like the picture of the chair by itself. The angle is actually nice, but it does make me want to tilt me head a lot. lol