April 1, 2010

These first two photos are of the same shot just edited a little differently.
There is more light in the second shot from the background.
Which does your eye prefer?

I can hardly stand to wear shoes at all & walking around feeling the leaves and grass under my feet was refresshing! Though I think it horrified my friend Debbie. :D

This was a very crooked bridge to cross! Debbie is holding on tight! ;)

For some reason this cut off and bare tree stood out to me. Its ugly and surrounded by beautiful flowers but I like it for some reason.


Kim said...

These are beautiful photos... all of them.. and the ones that Deb took of your are also very beautiful , you look very young in the photos.. I want her to take my picture...

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, Christina. You asked which photo we like best of the first 2, -- my preference is the first one of the pair of pics (the one without the blue background).

Anonymous said...

I think I like the first one. Seems to be more color in the picture and I like color. Mary

Jack said...

I like the first one, the Colors look more natural to me. But I am color blind, so if I start giving opinions about color??????

myrna said...

Like them all. the tree i like too. great capture of all. great job kid. still sorry that i didnt get to go with you 2

Anonymous said...

I like the top daffodil better. The "blue" in the background of the second version is distracting. Lovely, lovely flowers though!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm the least artistic person on the list but here goes...

Of the first two I like number one. To me the blue background is distracting but the flower petals in number two look more realistic.

Red shoes - neet colors but why would you take off your shoes to walk to a tree? Now if there were a pond... ;-)

Two flowers with blue in the background, that works for me and don't ask why I did not like it above.

Gray background with one flower sticking up above the rest might make a good one with a cute caption.

I like the one with the red in the background but I wish the flower was facing a bit more towards the camera.

On thought for next time ... if you had a spray bottle and you could add some water droplets would that change the results?

Anyway, they looked good to me, I even liked the textures on the latch photos. I can imagine some of the flowers printed poster size.


Anonymous said...

Some very nice daffodil images, our have not come out yet. Roger

Mr. J said...

Your second to last shot is a great POV. Great depth to the shot. I also really like the DOF & bokeh on the two shots below your flip flops.