March 13, 2010

A few random shots from a day out with my friend, Debbie.

I am really liking taking photos through windwos lately. I think I may use that for a theme in photo group. Hint Hint! ;)

I think she wants to know what the heck I am doing next to her fence!

I recenlty started shooting in RAW & I really love it! Its amazing the difference in color and light that you capture. Click on this photo to enlarge it - beautiful colors!

It started raining on us and I wanted to see if I could capture a few rain drops on the Daffodil.


Anonymous said...

Awesome job!!

Lynda (D.P.O Group)

Anonymous said...

I like the looks from the window view and the angle you got from it. Were those natural colors or did you photo edit that part?


Im jealous you have daffodils already

wayne15575 said...

Fantastic job Chris... I really like the framed ones. I can see why you like them as well.

wayne15575 said...

also, good work on the DOF with the daffodils. perfect on capturing the raindrops too.

~Christina~ said...

Those are awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, Christina, and a great idea on the Assignment subject.