March 25, 2010

A few more photos from downtown Paris, TX...yeah, not the "real" Paris but what can I say....

I dont know that Ive ever seen so many fire hydrants so close together as I did all along this downtown area.

A sign in the window of what looked to be an antique store at one time.

Do you know what this is? ;)

Beautiful church building.

I just love Coca Cola...and in a bottle with peanuts poured in the coke!!

Entry to an old bank that was closed down. The bank was called The Vault.

Just messing around with editing again.


Jack said...

Paris, TX sure looks like a depressing little town! Interesting photos! Is that part of an old Pinball Machine?

wayne15575 said...

I agree with Jack. It's an old pinball machine. Great captures as always Chris... Keep em coming.

myrna said...

great pictures christina. sorry i wasnt with you 2 the day ya went. love the old buildings an you could have brougth me the coke sign.

Anonymous said...

hey christina, nice photos. love downtown. we must go ok.

Anonymous said...

Interesting photos Christina ( in a good way ) I like your "eye"...and that reminds me, I have some really cool shots of Campus where my Son went to college...we always spent one day of "Mom's weekend" walking around campus taking shots. While other Mom's did formal stuff, like tea and crumpets, we took pics!
Linda VavRosky

Anonymous said..., your photos!
Jan Galland