September 20, 2009

While out geocaching yesterday I came across the biggest mushroom Ive ever seen!!
It looks like a chef's hat!

And I saw a few funky shapes too.

If I see too many more of these huge spiders that could eat me as a snack, I may have to give up geocaching! NASTY things!


Christopher Jennings Penders said...

Spiders are really good for nature, eating nasty mosquitos and other flying insects, but that dosen't mean they don't send a shiver up my spine. Especially big ones like this.

Nice shot. Hope you didn't have to get TOO close for this.

Anonymous said...

Went looking at your gravestone pictures today. REALLy amazing! I have a couple cemetaries to check out around here. Found a new one last night. It is interesting what you find. And don't worry, the spiders won't getcha!