September 16, 2009

After having so much fun and luck finding my first Geocache, I decided to go look for one that had things hidden that you can trade/treasure! There were two on the same property.

By the time I get to the property, a nature trail, its pouring rain! Which it has been for like a week here. Anyway, I get out my handheld GPS, camera, umbrella and head off to the trail.

I climb under and over branches that are covered in these HUGE thorns in an attempt to follow the path the GPS is directing me. All the while, Im folding the umbrella around my head so it will fit through these narrow passages, and its getting these huge rips in it from the thorns!

As I get out into this very dense area of woods, my GPS goes nuts!! It points me in a direction so I begin to go that way and as soon as I take a step or two, it points behind me for me to go back to where I just stepped from! So, I turn around and it points me off in yet a totally different direction!! That is until I take a step or two and then it changes it mind again!

I decide that the rain and dense woods might be intefering with the the signal for the GPS so out from under my umbrealla, I hold up my GPS to the GPS gods hoping for help, but no!

So I go back to my car to reset my GPS to find the other cache hidden. I go without a camera this time as I had no umbrella at all and its still pouring rain!

I get out into the woods and its not as dense so Im feeling a little better by now. As I walk, I see this massive tree laid over on the ground and the GPS is pointing me in that direction. I thought to myself that the treasure must be there on that cool looking the tree.

As I step closer, two squirrels scramble from below the tree and run up it scaring the total hell out of me! I look at the squirrels laughing thinking how cute and what the heck! They were RATS as big as squirrels!!! I got out of there as fast as I possible could!!

Did I mention the thorns??!!

This is a shot from under my umbreall there - do you see a way out??!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I am laughing so hard, I love your story. The thorns, the rats, the rain.. lol Good thing you don't mind a good challenge. I don't think the attributes on the geocaching page mentioned rats did it? lol Too funny, such a fun hobby.
Beautiful pictures though, good grief, you wern't kidding at the size of those thorns, ouch! Where is the trail? lol