July 22, 2009

If you scroll down to the previous post, you will see the photo in this post (before editing). I mention that I would like to edit the poll out of the photo. Well, not having the time to learn to do this very well, my wonderful friend, and fellow photography addict, Alan, took the time to do this for me and surprised me with the following photo. I just love it!!

Here are his comments on how he did this:

Hi Christina,

I have been checking out your photos but can't keep up with leaving replies. I thought I would make up with this :) Anyway, this is my thoughts and I played with your photo. In photos you want your subject to be the largest thing in the shot so your photo seems more about the posts than the seagull. So I think leaving the first post in the shot was the way to go. Attached is my quick version.

I made the horizon level, cropped it down some, and removed the little black pole that was in front of the seagull. Then I lightened it up a little and added a touch more color. As for your composition I think moving a tad to the left showing all of the posts would have been a little nicer. That's my 2 cents, hope it helps some.


I just love the new and improved photo and its definately going to be printed and framed in honor of my friend, Alan.


Anonymous said...

He did a great job!!!!! Mary Ann!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much Christina for your really nice comments, I'm glad you liked my version. I never thought you would like it so much :) Thanks Also Mary for your very nice comment.