July 17, 2009

I finally found some time to do some editing to share some photos.
These were taken on Galveston Island.

My favorite statue on the Island.... Remembersing the hurricane of September 8th & 9th of 1900. If you have never read about it, its quite a story, and here is a link:

The photo of the flower, I just tried adding some blur to it.

The water was not this green while we were there but with some work in Levels, I got it to look a little better.

I think I will learn to edit out the pole in this photo....
I tried it today but I can not quite get the hang of it. When I do it, you can see where I tried to cover it up. LOL


Anonymous said...

Nice work Christina. I can see beauty in each shot. Mary Ann!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the pole in the shot. It shows the depth of all the other poles. I like the placement and color of it too. Sher

Kimstar said...

That is a pretty big pole to try to edit out for your first time... you need more beach to do that... check out my blog I will post a dock that I edited