May 13, 2009

Auke & I decided to visit a local farmer's market in Sulphur Springs.

Auke samples homemade cows milk cheese.
I thought this was funny!
I took a couple of photos here just to see what I would get.


sheila said...

The pepers are so colorful. They would look yummy if I liked peppers.

Anonymous said...

Love the veggie shot. Very colorful. Mary Ann!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OK. I'm loving the vege shots. Of course, being such a foodie, I would, right?

Christina, your photos are really good. I know I haven't told you this lately but they really are. You've got an eye. Even as good as they were months ago, I think they're getting better with each shoot.

Keep up the amazing work, ladybug! (Miss ya!)