April 28, 2009

While Auke was home to have lunch today, he asked me if I may want another bull to put in the pasture with Avalanche. We had discussed it and decided not to so I asked, Why?

He said, I have this bull calf that is three days old.
I asked, Whats wrong with it? (LOL)
He said, I dotnt know what it is!

Apparently a neighbor had a bull cross into our pasture and "play" some time back and left a mark behind... this baby bull!

Auke has no idea what kind of bull the father is and the bulls are gone so Im going to track down the neighbor and ask.

Anyway, he is 3 days old and a gray/blue color and he is HUGE!! His coat is very different too from the dairy cattle. This baby has very curly and thick hair.

Any name suggestions??


Kimstar said...

I love the color on him......... he is so cute...He has very curly hair... I love the color gray.. he has a cute face too... what kind of horns will he have ?

Anonymous said...


Cute little guy... gonna be a brute.

sheila said...

Very cute, He looks so soft and cuddly.

Anonymous said...

Aww he is too cute. You should call him Silver
rado. LOl Cant believe that curly hair. Is his mother taking care of him???? He is gonna
be a beauty. Hugs Mary Ann!!!!!!!!!!