April 26, 2009

Today we noticed bees hanging off the roof of one of the barns! They were hanging there in huge masses. It was windy here so they were flapping in the wind. They are at least 30 feeet up in the air from the ground so I could not get the best photos.

I had pulled the 4 wheeler up to stand on to get closer and Auke had a fit and starting yelling at me so I didnt get to do that. (LOL) As I was taking photos, the wind was blowing right at me and the bees were being blown off in big masses rigth into my face! They were all in my hair but I didnt get stung.

Im hoping I can sneak back tomorow without Auke noticing me and I stand on something to get closer. I have to sacrafice for my art, right? :D

Click on the photos to enlarge them and in a couple of them you can see a few stray bees and get an idea of how big these bees are!


Anonymous said...

OMG, do not go back there you crazy woman. lol This is incredible. Scary. I would have run screaming if any were in my hair.
So how are they going to get rid of them?

Anonymous said...

Omg be careful taking pictures of the bees. Mary Ann!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Stock said...

Thats just crazy, all those bee's. It would seriously freak me out. I'd call a bee keeper and have them safely removed. Where do you live?? Welcome to the Nikon group by the way. You'll like the group I think.
Linda S twodogfox@yahoo.com