April 17, 2009

I went over to the dairy late at night
to watch Auke pull a calf.......

And there is Auke, the hardest working
Herdsman there is! I liked how this
photo turned out. Its not perfect so Im
going to go back with him one night and
shoot this again. I do like the color that the
camera picked up from the light.

He wraps a chain around the feet that
are sticking out....

Then he will hook up a thing that allows him to
crank the chain so that he can slowly pull the
baby out to help the tired mother cow.

Its nearly here!!

Auke checks and clears its airway and makes
sure the baby appears healthy.


Ben said...

I love the silhouette shot. That one light gave a great glow to your photo.

Anonymous said...

WooHoo! Got the big man in some pics! Yay for you... because as shy as he is, I'm surprised he'll let you get within 50 feet of him when you've got your camera. LOL~
Everything is wonderful, Christina. All the shots looks great. I'm so glad that you're finding some joy in all of this. You've got some mad camera skillzz babe. ;)